Prayer and spirituality


In the story, I AM The Big Man, Wordy sends God’s words to Lilian and she learns to repeat these to herself.

This repetition of God’s words is a way of praying. It follows the method of Christian contemplative prayer promoted by The Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer worldwide. The prayer is based solidly on the Word of God and consists of silently repeating the words spoken by God in the first person.

Anyone, including children, can learn to relax and be still. When we contemplate God’s words, His Spirit and life are being poured out to each of us and we receive His healing and blessings. Having received these graces ourselves, we can become channels for healing for others as we ‘bring’ them into the silence and repeat the words on their behalf.

This is a wonderful way of prayer for both young and old alike and of great assistance in managing the stresses and strains of our busy lives.

For further information on Christian contemplative prayer in both Australia and U.K. follow the links on these websites.