I AM Waiting

Step inside the darkest castle you can imagine and discover a dismal, hidden world of intrigue and deception…iamw-new-book

Lilian and her family soon find out that trouble is brewing around every corner. A repulsive character known as Stinky Stan leads his army of hot potatoes in the war against everyone on planet Earth. These evil characters tempt, torment and terrorise their victims before finally attaching themselves wherever they can gain a foothold.

As the Winky Popper family struggle to overcome dark forces, they are shown how to use an invisible and powerful weapon in battle. The results are startlingly effective. Meanwhile, in the middle of the chaos, a light shines in the darkness and in the background The Big Man is waiting …

I AM Waiting is the second in a trilogy by S.E.L Main. Its timeless message is for young and old alike, as it invites us to respond to God’s loving and often humourous call in the fight against evil.

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