I AM the Big Man


I AM The Big Man is the first in a trilogy by S.E.L Main. It tells of young Lilian growing up in rural England accompanied by her friend Wordy, the protagonist, peacemaker and protector. Lilian’s family has been established in the local farming community for centuries and the book describes some of the eccentric characters and extraordinary events that form part of the fabric of village life.


From a tender age, Lilian has a special relationship with God, referred to as ‘The Big Man.’ She is strongly aware of Him, but also acutely conscious of an evil character called Tricky Dicky who is closely followed by a motley crew known as ‘hot potatoes.’ These hot potatoes lead people into all sorts of dodgy situations and tempt them to do unmentionable things.

As a result of her unusual mystical experiences, Lilian is able to overcome the forces of evil in her own life and help others find freedom from the powers of darkness. Divine truths and treasures of joy, love and faith are woven through the story as the power of God’s grace triumphs amid the confusion and suffering of the world.


“S.E.L. Main communicates God’s triumph over evil as revealed in Scripture in a truly imaginative way, I highly recommend this book for your own learning as well as an evangelistic tool in your ministry, especially to children.”

Msgr Harry Entwistle, Ordinary of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross

“A wonderful text that explores the ongoing challenges all young children experience when faced with making decisions that are difficult. Beautifully illustrated, good-humoured and above all the provider of a very positive message.”

Dr Val Faulkner, Associate Professor/University of Western Australia


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